alensys BioOil ProjectTraining in bioOilThe German company Alensys in association with South African project partners is operating the ALENSYS bioOil production. The collection of used cooking oil from households, as a part of the project, is not only important to get independent from limited fossil resources, but to reduce the health risks of overused cooking oil. Overused cooking oil could cause liver damage, growth depression and cancer. ALENSYS bioOil is a key-driver in job creation. Buyback collection provides sustainable, local jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for processing plants and agencies. One aim of Alensys is to get trained and qualified employees in bioOil to accelerate the market entry development and future franchise projects.
In cooperation with universities, e.g. North-West University Potchefstroom, Faculty of Technical Engineering, we are doing technical research in the improvement of plant-technology for the development of additional bioOil plants and the production of accessory parts. The research programme from used cooking oil to high quality ALENSYS bioOil products is developing products such as natural glycerol soap, eco-friendly firelighter and renewable biodiesel to replace diesel.

Franchise partners of ALENSYS bioOil are responsible for the supply chain management and the quality of the renewable and green bioOil products all German Quality Controlled. Local Area Managers are responsible for the distribution of bioOil and by-products. Jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities are created for collection companies, plant operators and further processing.