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GOLD AT DEAUVILLE GREEN AWARDS! "Saving the environment with (Re-)Used Cooking Oil" persuades not only us, but also the jury in Deauville. We are proud to be a gold winner and hope that more and more people participate in our project in South Africa. Our explain-video shows in only three minutes, the sustainable usage of Used Cooking Oils to save the environment.
The video is a co-production between Alensys GmbH (idea and Alensys bioOil project) and Simpleshow Foundation (video-production and professional support)

"Saving the environment with (Re-)Used Cooking Oil" (GERMANY) Director: Waldemar Solotowizki
Producer: simpleshow foundation
Client: simpleshow foundation

Go Green with ALENSYS Bio-Diesel AUTHeR (Africa Unit for Transdisciplinary Health Research) is 'n afdeling van die Noordwes-Universiteit wat fokus op Transdissiplinêre span-navorsing binne die menslike gesondheidsveld. Navorsing binne AUTHER fokus op die bevordering van gesondheid en navorsing in terme van hoe om die plattelandse en stedelike huishoudings in en om Potchefstroom aan te moedig om hul gebruikte kookolie aan die projek te gee.

“Saving the Environment with (Re-) Used Cooking Oil”
ALENSYS and Simpleshow explain in a 3-minute-video the collection chain of used vegetable oil and its conversion into biofuels as an alternative source of energy. Especially in developing regions, this waste-to-energy-approach saves the environment and provides sustainable, local jobs for many people.

This video was produced by simpleshow foundation. Thanks for all the helping hands. All information used in the video were provided by ALENSYS, Alternative Energy Systems Germany

For more information about the ALENSYS BioOil project in South Africa please contact:
MS Lee-Anne Murphy
Cell: 076 2828019
mailto: l.murphy(at)

ALENSYS is represented on the webpage of the German Embassy in South Africa:
Link to German Embassy >>

The first ALENSYS DROP training programme for community members took place at the North West University
The students from the Faculty of Health Sciences successfully trained the first 20 kitchen members. The 1 day training include theoretical and practical information:
  • Introduction in health, hygiene and nutrition
  • Filtering, storage transport of collected cooking oil
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities
New trainings available

Contact details for ALENSYS DROP training registration
MRS Lizmari van der Merwe
Cell: 078 846 7877
mailto: 20320604(at)
ALENSYS DROP training programmeTo ensure sustainable capacity building and the economic success, the project offers different training and research programmes.

Alensys offers training units for students, lecturers, facilitators in cooperation with AUTHeR (African Unit for Transdisciplinary Health Research) a research unit at the Faculty of Health Sciences, North-West University. The aim is to develop training material for facilitators that will result in facilitator manual and training workbook.

Research activities within AUTHeR specifically focus on bio-psycho-social health in the context of epidemiology toward preventing illness, maintaining and promoting health and facilitating quality health systems.
The unit supports the World Health Organization's definition of health which states that "Optimal health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity".
The transdisciplinary research team takes a holistic approach to problems and opportunities specific to Africa and developing countries where health is affected by HIV/AIDS, rapid urbanisation and where the empowerment of people and the development of human capital is high priority.

For more information about AUTHeR please see
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Successful opening of the Bioparaffin Training Center

Opening of bioparaffin Training Center for theoretical and practical trainings in converting used cooking oils to high quality Alensys bioOil.

North-West University Potchefstroom Campus Calderbank Avenue, Entrance 9 N1 Building

DATE: 29.10.2013time: 10:30 am

For detailed information:
Alensys AG, Germany Zum Wasserwerk 12
15537 Erkner
Contact: Mrs. Dipl.-Ing. Ursula Eckmann
mail: u.eckmann(at)


SUNCYbernetics (PTY) LTD South Africa Potchefstroom Office
Clark Street 06, PO Box 1465
Potchefstroom (SA) 136 11
Contact: Mr Gys Niesing, Project Engineer
mail: g.niesing(at)
Cell: +27 (79) 768 0036